Investment Strategies: Which one will be worth compelling?

There is a saying “Price is what you pay and value is what you get” which states the value in investment. Investment in the property like Sobha Dream Gardens is the best ever investments. However, let us discuss few more investment platforms in the market.

Investment Strategies

Investment strategies are divided into 5 stages by Benjamin Graham, a British born, American investment, economist and professor. They are:

  • General trading is the investor has a keen eye which helps in predicting and participating in the moves of the market which is similar to dollar-cost averaging.
  • Selective trading is the investor who picks stocks that they expect will do well in the market over the short term; a year, for example.
  • Buying cheap and selling dear is the real realtors do. The investor enters the market when prices low and sells the stock when prices are high.
  • Long-pull selection is the investor selects stocks that they expect with grow quicker than other sticks over a period of years in the markets.
  • Bargain purchases are must to follow. The investor selects stocks that are priced below the value.

Investment strategies can be applied in the areas like the stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Following these strategies, invest in one specific area which ultimately gives profit.

Investment types

While the above are the investment strategies Investments peruse can be done in many areas like:

  • Stocks is when you buy shares of a company’s stock, you own a piece of that company. Stocks are described based on the company’s size, type, performance during market cycles and potential for short- and long-term growth.
  • A bond is a loan by an investor makes to an organization in exchange for interest payments over a specific time period plus repayment of principal amount at the bond’s maturity date.
  • Retirement is another type of investment. Save for retirement and manage the income once you retire. To manage the retirement income, one should compromise with other certain investments.
  • Security futures are the future contracts on single stocks and security indices. It can also be called as the single stock futures.
  • Insurance is another form of investment in various forms like the term life, whole life and universal life policies. Investing in the insurance helps in any cause of damage or human loss.
  • Real estate is also one form of investment which stays for a longer time and is also returnable with the sale price. It has its own advantages to be considered and performed.

The above are the platforms and additionally there are also bank products, annuities, saving for college, commodity features and more to invest in. This dealing involves risks and profits as well. When adding about the Sobha Dream Gardens Property, investing in real estate involves profits with the perfect dealing.

Sobha dream Gardens and the reason for investing

Sobha Dream Gardens is pinned at Bellahalli, the developing suburban of Bangalore located towards the northern part is amidst the beautiful and serenity. This property located in vast 17 acres and is offering the evenly divided 1 BHK and 2 BHK with regular and large apartments in it. The specifications for 1 BHK are 38.29 sq. mt and 2 BHK regular it is 58.28 sq. mt and for the regular ones, area is spread across for the comfortable living. The below reasons are the reasons to invest in real estate which is compelling.

The reasons can be listed as:

  • Location with an ideal location has easy accessibility to travel to any corner of the city and also connects to other major cities with the broad Outer Ring Road. Just an hour drive to the work slots like Manyata Tech Park and Mahadevapura and one and half an hour to the international airport.
  • Amenities are another important aspect to be considered in the priority list. This property ensures each and every essential in the property to the life of the residents and also matches the daily trends.
  • Specifications with 24X7 CCTV surveillance, security guard, 100% back up for electricity and water, accordingly divided parking lots and the installed modular kitchen in the set up of the apartments.

All the above points will be the reason for the investment in a property like Sobha Dream Gardens is surefire returnable. It proves the investment in real estate is not just compelling but also interesting by calculating the future profits.


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