Sobha Dream Gardens

Enjoy reduced GST rate of 8% under CLSS scheme

Planning to buy a home under CLSS scheme?

GST is the consolidated tax applied on all the sectors of the economy. Already the real estate domain has the VAT and service taxes on them and GST is the new inclusion.

There is a good news to cheer up to the home buyers of Sobha Dream Gardens who purchase the property under the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS). CLSS is an initiative under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) that aims to provide housing solution to all. The beneficiaries under this scheme include people from Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Lower Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG).

Sobha Dream Gardens is a new project by Sobha Builders.
Sobha Dream Gardens

The government has announced in the recent budget 2018 to decrease the GST rates from 12% to 8% on the property brought under CLSS scheme.

Buy your dream property and avail benefits under CLSS Scheme

ClSS lets the buyers now only to enjoy the interest subsidy but also lets them have the decreased GST rate of 8% under the affordable housing sector. These benefits can be enjoyed by Economically Weaker Section (EWS) / Lower Income Group (LIG) / Middle Income Group-1 (MlG-1) / Middle Income Group-2 (MlG-2) under the Housing for All (Urban) Mission/Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) and affordable houses up to a carpet area of 60 square metre per house and the housing project given infrastructure status by Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs under the same discount price.

Beneficiaries should have the maximum annual income of 18 Lakhs to avail CLSS benefits.

Developers can also enjoy the benefit on the affordable housing projects with less GST rate of 8% after deducting the land value.

Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme can also be applicable for the housing loans availed for new construction of the house and for the addition of kitchen, rooms, toilet attached to the existing dwellings.

Carpet Area for each income group is fixed:

  • 30 square meter for Economically Weaker section
  • 60 square meter for Lower Income Group
  • 120 square meter for Middle Income Group-1
  • 150 square meter for Middle Income Group-2

Make sure that the benefit of Input Tax Credit is passed on to you by the developers

Always choose a trustable and transparent builder having wide experience in the construction field. A reputed builder like Sobha Developers ensures that you are benefited from all the corners while you by your dream unit with them.

Sobha Dream Gardens is one such prominent residential project developed by the Sobha developers in the prime area of Kannur Road, Bellahalli, North Bangalore.

Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli property is a RERA approved residential property with 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 2 BHK Large units. Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli project is in close proximity to many IT or ITES establishments and is also a just a few minutes drive from the Colleges, Malls, Hospitals, and Schools for the ease of commute of the residents.

Sobha Dream Gardens, Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli
Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Dream Gardens is spread over 18 acres of vast land to accommodate all the abodes spaciously with a plethora of amenities to indulge the buyers. It includes various amenities like swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, kid’s play area, car parking, senior citizen park, tennis court, skating rink, multi-purpose hall, meditation room, Jacuzzi Steam Sauna, Indoor games area, Amphi – theatre and a meditation hall for overall wellness.

Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Dream Gardens – Health Benefits of Living in Greenery

All you need to know about living in greenery of Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Dream Gardens, Sobha Dream Gardens Bangalore
Sobha Dream Gardens

Living in greenery have life elongating benefits. People surrounded in green spaces tend to live longer than those who don’t. Nature can help soothe mental illness, relieve stress, increase and encourage social interaction and physical exercise.

This effect is just about any kind of green spaces and not just limited to forests and beaches miles away from you. It can be a local park, a landscaped garden, a coastline to soccer fields or a hiking trail but must have few qualities. Simply having shrubbery does not assure a positive experience. To seek a healthy and happy life the quality of green space matters more than the quantity.

Surely, you are also longing to indulge in a luxury amidst greenery, not now perhaps in near future. Right? No better option than Sobha Dream Gardens in Bellahalli, Thanisandra exists. Sobha Dream Gardens is nestled in the lap of nature in between gardens, parks and vast landscaped area yet not far away from the liveliness of the city, Bangalore.

Before diving into the project, let us dig deeper into explicit ways in which greenery improves your life.

Here we go…

1. Good immunity: Spending time in nature help develop your immune system. There is a well-known Japanese therapy named Forest bathing in which people deliberately spend time in nature. The killer cells in our body are life-threatening for a proper functioning of immune function. Just a single day trip to forest helps boost cell count and activity and upsurge anti-cancer proteins thus improving immunity.
2. No other can help in stress drop: Just a quick short break to nature can do wonders. Without any long and weary walk, just head out to the greenery and reset your stress response. With no surprise, green spaces in the neighbourhood can help you get hold of your nervous system and patiently address to the cause of your stress.
3. Outdo your mental health: Moving to greener spaces ameliorate your mental health. People generally focus on physical fitness but mental fitness is equally important. It is more dependent on regular exposure to greenery. If you plan to move and settle near green spaces, Sobha Dream Gardens in Bellahalli would suffice.

Sobha Dream Gardens is a newly project with green spaces.
Sobha Dream Gardens Green Spaces

4. Makes you more productive: Your reflex attention gets engaged when you are exposed to green spaces. Without using much power of your brain, you can focus on seeing, hearing, smelling etc. Similar is the case with voluntary attention, it is restored. The hard focus we need to concentrate on work-related tasks without deviating is strengthened.
5. Healthy sleep habits: Not the least, but more exposure to greenery improves your sleep. After all work-space toil you start nodding your head shortly, still do not feel fresh the next day. To help yourself, move to a space filled with green all around, go camping or for the long walk in gardens or parks, all this typically gives you improved and quality sleep so that you wake up refreshed like never before.

While a lot of benefits accrue, greenery is passive. Just ‘Be’ and see the positive effects on your body, mind and soul by living near a healthy vegetation.

So, become a part of something magnificent and live in an area full of ample green spaces, no other than Sobha Dream Gardens Bangalore is ideal for you.

Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Launch Housing Project In North Bangalore

Sobha Group is a principle Property, Residential, Commercial and Construction gathering, increasing pragmatic involvement in top notch private endeavor progressions. The social event is a world-class property change association focused on passing on phenomenal indulgence land. Sobha Group considers the best and ultra-lavishness acres of the residential market with an extent of thing commitments including sky-apartment suites, push houses, Villas and pads of fluctuating sizes.

Sobha Dream Gardens – Where Dream Comes True

Sobha Developers, one of India’s best specialists present to you Sobha Dream Gardens. This extravagance property is arranged at Bellahalli, Thanisandra Main Road, Bangalore and acknowledges awe inspiring accessibility and incredible social establishment. It offers 1 BHK and 2 BHK Large Premium private condos. Here the pads have been planned to meet the necessities of cutting edge home buyer. Broad rooms and stupendous exhibitions increment the estimation of the property. An extensive gathering of present day solaces are a bit of this endeavor to add to the convenience of the occupants.

Location Of Your Dream

The area assumes a significant job with regards to the believability of the undertaking. Sobha Dream Gardens is deliberately situated at Bellahalli in Bangalore. Bangalore has made some amazing progress the extent that IT and property ventures are concerned.

A lot of IT centers are situated in nearness which is dependably an additional preferred standpoint for IT experts. This is likewise a reward for potential financial specialists as they wouldn’t think that its extreme to search for inhabitants. With the presentation of the Bangalore metro rail administrations, occupants can appreciate consistent availability to significant parts of the city.

Dream Gardens is a project coming soon in Bellahalli Bangalore.
Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli

With interesting land extends in every one of the parts of Bangalore, Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli gives various area benefits that any inhabitant would anticipate. Inhabitants are likewise requested to go to the site to have a general perspective of how well the undertaking is associated with the area and the advantages are over the long haul.

Sobha Dream Gardens Amenities That Fit Like A Missing Part

Each unit holds an extensive proportion of critical worth to its inhabitants, open units and quality fittings add a radical new estimation to the living learning.
Beautifully created porch nurseries and brilliant scenes add to the perfection of the place. A perceptive effort has been taken to ensure enough green spaces in and around the endeavor. This is a sound treatment to escape from the sullying levels of the city. Unadulterated and outside air to breathe in for the duration of the day long!!The zone of this venture offers the right blend of quietness and urban culture.

Sobha Dream Gardens coming with wonderful amenities and specifications.
Sobha Dream Gardens Amenities

The bathrooms in each unit will hold unrivaled quality fittings and slide free tiles for the security of the inhabitants. Also, Jacuzzi area will be accessible to add to your advantage. Segregated totally furnished kitchens are set up in each unit to redesign your cooking experience. Chimneys of prevalent quality will find its place in these cabin units. This private endeavor will use overwhelming quality gateways and windows, this is an imperative development to the internal parts of your dream home.

The endeavors acknowledges a fundamental region and care has been taken to give the right blend of quietness and urban mix. For specialists planning to settle down, this property is a sure bet.