Sobha Dream Gardens

Boost Your Retirement Plans With Sobha Dream Gardens

Retirement is the start of the new beginning of life

Start investing in your early age so that you can relax and be safe in retired time. Retirement plans come handy when invested in a proper plan. Investing in a real estate property will be profit making at the time of retirement since the value of land and property would have been appreciated.

  • Real estate promises a steady stream of income lifelong for the better living.
  • Real estate investment is a minimum risk venture perfect for everyone.
  • Rather than investing in a risk-filled mutual funds, chits, stocks invest in a property for the best return.
  • If you are self-occupying or letting to rent both the decision is profit making.
  • The profit and rentals make you independent even after retirement. Real estate investment will make take financial decisions independently.
  • Investing in a metropolitan city with good investment / well- developed locations will make you reap more profits.
  • Even though the Public Provident Fund (PPF) and Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) offers security with returns. Real estate will get more returns than all these ventures.

Secure your life by investing in the best residential property of Bangalore in Sobha Dream Gardens located in the developing locations of Bellahalli for the gain fetching returns.

Sobha Dream Gardens for the perfect stay!!

Sobha Dream Gardens Belahalli property is a RERA approved ACK/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/181003/002681 project which encompasses Vaastu compliant flats for the happy living. The property is also been approved by the BDA and is the most awaited property to invest in Bangalore.

Sobha Dream Gardens project is spread over 18 acres of land for crafting a wonderful township. The location Bellahalli is an emerging area with many best hospitals, schools, colleges, supermarkets, banks, ATMs, and malls in close proximity.

Sobha Dream Gardens is a new project in Bellahalli Bangalore.
Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli is in close proximity to the well-known IT junction of Bangalore, Hebbal. Hebbal includes the majority of the IT multi-national companies and commercial hubs and is known as the primary IT hub of Bangalore. Neighbouring areas of Bellahalli includes the well-developed superior areas like Jakkur, Sahakar Nagar, Vidyaranyapura, Yelahanka, Kodigehalli, and Kogilu. The area not only includes IT companies but also reputed organizations like Rail Wheel Factory, Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra (GKVK) under the University of Agricultural Sciences, Central Institute of Medicine Aromatic under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Mother dairy, BSF and CRPF training centre. These establishments can be easily reachable by the property within a few minutes of drive. The project extends good access to different parts of the city for the comfortable commute and is a vibrant location to have a dream abode.

Sobha Dream Gardens property features various amenities like a world-class clubhouse, a well-equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, a common hall, yoga deck, dedicated children’s play area, Tennis court and more. The project is guarded by CCTV along with security personnel for the advanced safety of the inmates. High-speed elevators are provided for the smooth flow of daily routine along with round the clock power backup for common areas.

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10 Factors That Are Beneficial When You Invest in Apartment Housings

Why apartments are the choice of the generation

Home buying is a significant stage of life that attracts and demands your complete knowledge and analysis of the financial conditions along with the responsibilities of buying. Either invest in an individual home or apartment know the associated cost that comes along with the investment. Know which is economical and desired investment choice. Apartment buying is a wise and economical decision that provides you with a luxurious and secured living. Apartments are on a more affordable scale than the independent homes.

Benefits of choosing apartment housing

Apartment holds the bunch of units across the project and is a great source of investment for a blissful living.

Sobha Dream Gardens is a new project in Bellahalli Bangalore.
Sobha Dream Gardens
  1. Essential amenities like inverted or a generator set, water supply, common electricity, cleaning, garbage disposal and other minor facilities are provided by the developer and is taken care of by the welfare association.
  2. The cost of the total maintenance of the premises is shared by the welfare association of the apartment and lets you lead a peaceful tension-free comfortable living.
  3. Individual parking space along with dedicated Visitor’s parking space is provided for the residents of the property.
  4. Amenities like swimming pool, gym, party hall, play area, sports courts and many more are at your reach and can be accessed when you need.
  5. Security is the prime factor of apartment since round the clock security is provided for the entire premises.
  6. Water and 100% power back up facilities are also provided by the builder of the property for the comfortable living.
  7. Unity in Diverse – all the units of the project are occupied with people of different state/caste/culture and this lets to lead a harmonious neighbourhood.
  8. Documentation is taken care of the builder and also lead in easy loan processing when opting for the property with the trusted developer.
  9. CCTV monitoring inside and outside the premises offers enhanced security benefits for the safe stay of your family.
  10. Insurance provided by the builder covers the un-forecasted risks.

Sobha Dream Gardens is one such beautifully crafted apartment housing solution located in the metropolitan city of Bangalore.

Sobha Dream Gardens the absolute dream world

Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli project is a RERA approved ACK/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/181003/002681 property spread over 18 acres of land for the most comfortable living. The property is an emerging area with many best schools, hospitals, colleges, ATMs, banks, shops and malls in close proximity. Sobha Dream Gardens provides seamless connectivity to the rest of the city for ease of travelling. Sobha Dream Gardens property located in the developing locations of Belahalli with many best schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, ATMs, shops and malls in close proximity. The project also aims at offering seamless connectivity to the rest of the city for ease of commute of the residents. To deliver the best of best living Sobha Dream Gardens project is designed with Vaastu compliant units for the happy living of inmates. The property features a world-class clubhouse with multiple amenities to cater to all age populaces residing in the property. Vitrified Tile Flooring & Skirting for Living, Dining and Foyer for the best look and feel. Round the clock security along with the all-time power back-up facility is provided for the most uninterrupted living of the inmates of Sobha Dream Gardens!!

Sobha developers the giant of real estate domain was established in the year 1995. Sobha Developers is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that use cutting-edge technology to create their projects for the quality delivery. The company is a renowned expert in developing the residential, retail, and commercial spaces all over the country.

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Sobha Dream Gardens

Modern Design Goes In Hand With The Nature: Affordable Residential Property

The ongoing trend is not just the modern designs but also adds a pinch of natural essence. Modernity with nature goes hand in hand and its blend is always the perfect one.  But to make it perfect the perspective and the designing procedure must be unique with understand the techniques, premises, lifestyle and perspective of the customers. And realizing the importance of greens in part of life which is in the form of living space, work space and even for the purpose of a healthy life, has become an important part of our daily life. Imagine greens giving a very positive impact in our lives, then the reason and requirements for the need of existences of greens in our lives will be beneficial.

The Trending And Binding Usage of Greens

The huge demand of the residential projects is soaring up day by day. The needs and desires of the employees, families and the migrants are taken into account and the furnishing of a perfect dream home to the individuals is now taken as a responsibility by the project developers. Be it a 1BHK and 2BHK or a Villa or an independent house, the greens are being involved to conserve nature from our side and for a healthy life of ours. Thus the nurseries or the roof top garden are being more prominent and significant as well. For those with no enough space for gardening, they are adopting vertical gardening, hanging gardening or the hydroponic gardening. And Sobha Dream Gardens by Sobha Developers started its residential project where importance for green is noticeable.

Sobha Giving Importance To The Indoor Gardening

Sobha Developers since 1995, has been maintaining the same positive and impactful relation with its customers. They always comes up with those innovative ideas promoting urbanization strictly adhere RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act) rules and regulations and also maintains transparency in legal documentation, pricing and payment. With all its experience, it is now bringing up Sobha Dream Gardens with 1 BHK and 2 BHK and its wonderful amenities for the customers to lead a healthy life.

Sobha Dream Gardens is in Bellahalli, Bangalore with a serene surrounding covered by the beautiful nature. Realizing the prominence of nature and its conservation, the location was amidst the beautiful nature and the property with parks and jogging track and is also promoting and taking initiative to provide residents for the indoor gardening. Ample space for the gardening involves some thought process but the property is assuring a evenly divided space for the indoor gardening in the terrace is also included.


                                           Sobha Dream Gardens

Reasons and Requirement For Greens

The reason for indoor gardening is never out of reasons. The pleasure and thrill for gardening is immense and has a great bondage. Being environment friendly binds both the humans and the nature.  The indoor gardening is not for the showcase, it is helpful in many ways like the promotion of green which is importance for our health, lessens the toxic gases in a house, herbs and medicinal plants in our house is always helpful. The same indoor plant now got so much prominence after realizing its importance and started using commercial but is good in some or the other way. They are being used in not just homes but also offices, shops, banks, hotels, restaurants, clubs, hospitals and institutions like schools and colleges

If still there are queries why green, when a house is structured modern, it not only ads beauty or essence, it helps in reducing trash, pollution, and degradation of the environment. The efficient use of energy, water and other resources will also be noted and protecting our health.

Sobha Dream Gardens for an affordable price range promoting greens and its usage within the property and allotting ample place for it is an added advantage. Now hurry up to grab a dream house of yours combined with a healthy aspect of living.

Sobha Dream Gardens

Vaastu Importance: Why Its An Important Factor For Residential Properties

Residential property investment is by far the most important expenses that an individual can do. It gives various important aspects to grow and it also helps an individual to take certain advantages. Real estate investment though requires precision yet if an individual invests affordably he might get the best from the outcomes. First of all, he will have sheer possession of the product precisely the house/apartment more over the returns that he will incur are best of its kind.


But it should be remembered that with great investment comes the idea of segregation, the idea of being a responsible investor to pursue the unseen. For every real estate products whether be it residential, commercial or industrial, vaastu helps to be one of the main factors to induce a lot of returns.

What Is Vaastu Shastra? Why It Is Important To Know?

Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates to the “science of architecture.” It incorporates many architectural design ideas, such as space, arrangement, layout and measurements. This factor is important as it infuses with the structural benefits of any home/apartment. Vaastu helps in solicitude and maintaining a recitation of peace for various individuals for which it held to be the most important factor for any individual. For instance: Sobha Dream Garden by Sobha Developers is made with vaastu complaint factors to help its resident live a prosperous and serene life.

Reasons To Induce Vaastu Inside A Home Or Apartments

Bhoomi Pooja: The foundation activity that happens when ever any residential property is making its mark to be an outstanding example of architecture. It is actually a from of offering respect towards earth and soil with mythical enchantments so that the new creation brings prosperity towards life and livelihood.

Main Entrance: Main entrance is the place from where we or any individual will make there entry or exit. This entrances acts as the main way for the arrival of various prosperity and peace. We pray to the Sun God and since the sun rises in the East, it is considered to be auspicious. So the main entrance should always be in the East. More over this entrance will bring positive outcomes from the outside world. It also helps in revival of mother nature and its serenity for us.

Room Entrances And Placements: The total house/apartment consists of three rooms like bedroom(s), kitchen, bathroom(s) and hall room. Bedrooms shall be on south west or east facing which will bring peace and a restful life. The kitchen should be on the south west corner follow by the bathroom shall be on north or north west corner. The reason for kitchen and bathroom to be specific for such position will help to give a healthy mind and body.

Vaastu Important: Reason For Bringing The Main Enigma

Attracts More Wealth- If you are investing in home with vaastu segregation it will definitely bring on more of wealth and money for a meaning full life.

Create Financial Security- If there is self sufficient wealth then it will bring on financial security. For every residential family financial security is important.

Generates New Opportunities- If you are investing in a home/apartment then it will help in generating new opportunities and employments.

Strengthens The Relationship- If you are investing in a vaastu compliant apartment then the relationship between every family members tend to develop and gets nurture.

So, its an obvious matter of joy that if an individual wants to invest in a good residential property then he should go for something that is vaastu complaint. In this regards Sobha Dream Gardens in Bellahalli, Bangalore for 1BHK and 2BHK will be a good call for investment.

Sobha Dream Gardens

Sobha Dream Gardens – Hotspots of Housing in Bangalore

Experience luxury in Sobha Dream Gardens

People who wish to settle in Bangalore aspire to have a dream shelter as per their desire. Most buyers wish to seek their dream abode to be away from noise and pollution of the city, yet well connected to major landmarks for ease of travel. Many IT employees who travel to the IT hubs of the city daily for the toil need to have their home near to workspace to avoid the hectic travel in the traffic. As per the need, Sobha developers present the tailor-made residential solution the Sobha Dream Gardens, a luxurious enclave with all amenities in the pristine locations of Bellahalli, Bangalore.

Sobha developers established in the year 1995 is the master in developing the residential, commercial and retail spaces all over the country. Sobha Developers is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company that use cutting-edge technology to develop their projects for the quality delivery. The company aims in creating flawless and matchless structures for the iconic symbol of construction. Sobha developers have revolutionized the real estate sector by its contribution.

Bellahalli the blissful location for dream abode

Sobha Dream Gardens is a RERA approved ACK/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/181003/002681 project located in the developing locations of Bellahalli. Sobha Dream Gardens property encompasses Vaastu compliant units for the happy living of inmates. Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli project is spread over 18 acres of land for crafting a wonderful township. Bellahalli is an emerging area with many best schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, ATMs, shops and malls in close proximity that saves valuable time. Sobha Dream Gardens provides seamless connectivity to the rest of the city for ease of travelling.

The units of Sobha Dream Gardens property features units with Vitrified Tile Flooring & Skirting for Living, Dining and Foyer for the best look and feel. The property uses the highest quality sanitary brand for Plumbing & Sanitary Fittings. Granite counter-top attached with stainless steel single bowl sink is made for the ease of cooking. Kitchen of Sobha Dream Gardens has provision for Piped Gas Connection for the safety of the residents. Rainwater harvesting and organic waste disposal methods are practised in the premises of Sobha Dream Gardens for the eco-friendly way of living.

Amenities for the unsurpassed living

Sobha Dream Gardens property features a world-class clubhouse with multiple amenities to cater to all age residents in the project. The property incorporates a well-equipped gymnasium for your morning routine exercises along with a swimming pool to relax and refresh.Tennis court is planned on the premises to spend your play time efficiently. It has dedicated children’s foyer for the safe play time of your kids. The Sobha Dream Gardens Property encompasses a common hall to pep your celebration and parties. Sobha Dream Gardens project has a yoga deck to maintain a healthy body and soul along with good lifestyle for the residents.

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